Judicially Involved Support Services (JISS)

  • Our Judicially Involved Support Program is currently operating throughout Southern and Northern California from the Los Angeles Area to Oakland, Sacramento. 
  • PTL's Judicial Support Services provide training for individuals with specials needs in correctional facilities, including recidivism prevention training for successful reintergration into the community to live postive and productive lives.
  • These consumers are taught how to adapt during incarceration and reintegrate as contributing members of society upon release from jail, as well asd learn to control some of the factors that caused their arrest. 

PTL has a proven track record of reducing the recidivism rate of our participants in our program. Less than 2 of every 10 participants in our program return to jail, as compared with the 2008 statewide average of 7 out of 10 California inmates release have return to jail.

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